On My Bookshelf 

The Oboe by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce D. Haynes

Oboe Art and Method by Martin Schuring

Oboemotions by Stephen Caplan

The Perfect Wrong Note by William Westney

The Musician's Way by Gerald Klickstein

Oboe Reed Styles Theory and Practice by David A. Ledet, preface by Richard Killmer

Marcel Tabuteau: How do You Expect to Play the Oboe if You Can't Peel a Mushroom? by Laila Storch

Sound in Motion by David McGill

The Mind's Ear by Bruce Adolphe

Note Grouping by James Morgan Thurmond

Beyond Talent by Angela Myles Beaching

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven by John Eliot Gardiner

The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross

The Republic by Plato

Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away by Rebecca Goldstein

The World in Six Songs by Daniel Levitin

The Nature of a Liberal College by Henry Wriston


Oboists Past and Present (just a few favorites)

William Bennett

Robert Bloom

Heinz Holliger

Richard Killmer

Nancy Ambrose King

Alex Klein

Michael Henoch

Eugene Izotov

John Mack

Albrecht Meyer

Howard Niblock

Ronald Roseman

Gonzalo X. Ruiz

Christian Schmitt

Ray Still

Richard Woodhams


Some Reed Making, Reed, and Accessory Suppliers

Charles Double Reed

Chicago Reed Company

Mark Chudnow

Forrests Music

Ann Hodge


Midwest Musical Imports

Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds

RDG Woodwinds

Some Sheet Music Suppliers




Some Instrument Dealers

Carlos Coelho

Forrests Music

Midwest Musical Imports

Oboe Chicago

RDG Woodwinds 



Some Instrument Makers