Oboe Studio Open House

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Western Michigan University

Dalton Center

1-6 p.m.


Please join Western Michigan University's Oboe Studio for an exciting afternoon of oboe events! Oboists of all ages and ability levels are invited to participate! The Oboe Studio Open House offers a terrific opportunity to learn more about your instrument, meet other oboists, and play some oboe chamber music, which will include a fun and informal performance at 5:00. This is a free event! Parents, band directors, and observers are welcome--looking forward to seeing you there!  

Preview of the Afternoon


1:00-1:30:       Welcome & Warm-ups


1:30-2:15:        Oboe Ensemble Rehearsal

2:15-3:45:       Reed-Making Workshop

3:45-4:15:      “Everything You Want to Know about the Oboe”    

                           Q & A session with faculty and students majoring in performance, education,            

                           therapy, and composition  

4:15-4:45:       Pre-Concert Warm-Up


5:00:                 Oboe Chamber Music Concert

                           Open to the public!


All Events Take Place in Dalton Center "Rehearsal C"